Winnie The Unicorn

Undercover Para Dressage Horse who loves bananas


More About Winnie The Unicorn

You may be asking yourself what is a Unicorn doing in the world of Para Dressage, so here is the story so far.

My name is Winnie AKA Gunstone’s Pride and I have a secret! I am actually a Unicorn and I was sent to help a very special lady to recover from a horrific head injury caused by another naughty horse over 20 years ago. That head injury caused her to have Multiple Sclerosis, which I have now learnt means there isn’t much of her body that still works, so I had to look after her at all times. Another smaller Unicorn Beans once told me that he called her the Princess as she had ridden Grand Prix horses in her former life but as he wasn’t sure what they were he decided they must be posh horses so she must be a Princess. She is my soul mate and I am so glad to have been sent to help her. She always has bananas and carrots to hand and we have had quite an adventure. We have won many National Championship titles and been Reserve Champions at International events. This year 2019 we were selected onto the World Class Podium Potential Programme and she is on route to the Paralympics Tokyo 2020 and beyond. Together we blossomed and although it isn’t usual for Unicorns to be doing Dressage I have to say I love every minute of it.

My sister Lexi who is a chocolate Unicorn has also joined #teamunicorn and taken over my important role on the team, while I have had a little time out with a hoofy issue but I am on my way back.  This has given me time to enjoy my fame and meet my many followers at open days and of course to run this website and my Unicorn Club.

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Winnie The Unicorn Club

The cutest club in town

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The Club

The Winnie the Unicorn Club will bring joy to your heart, with gorgeous merchandise and incredible member benefits from invites to yard visits and competitions and special notes from Winnie herself.

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How to Join

Joining Winnie the Unicorn Club couldn't be easier.  Scroll up or click on the shop link and purchase one of the club memberships

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Winnie the Unicorn

Winnie the Unicorn merchandise is created especially for Unicorn believers.  Show the world you believe in Unicorns and join today.


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